Software applications and software development have been evolving ever since with increasing speed of change. So the professions of software engineering and management require continuous learning and experience sharing. This website, The Making of Software, wants to be a vehicle for supporting this continuous learning and experience sharing.

As software professionals who have held a broad spectrum of positions during their ongoing careers, we are particularly interested in questions like:

  • Which methods and techniques have proven particularly useful and powerful?
  • What are the situations in which a method works best? When should we use a different method?
  • How can the various disciplines within software engineering combine and integrate best for overall product and business success?

A traditional focus of this The Making of Software website has been the market survey of requirements tools. In addition, we collect curated link lists, experience reports, and essays on software engineering and software product management.

We hope the information on The Making of Software is helpful or at least interesting to you. We love to learn about your thoughts and experiences. Feel free to contact us.