New Version of RM Tools List: March 2019

The new March 2019 version of our list of requirements tools is available. It replaces the previous version from September 2017. The new list contains a total of 78 requirements management (RM) tools.

We observe that the trend of the previous years has continued: The market consolidates further. Heavy-weights from the early days of tool-based requirements management during the first decade of this century retire. A notable example is Caliber from Micro Focus, which hasn’t received any major update for years. Several tools apparently haven’t gotten enough traction and were withdrawn by their vendors. On the other hand, several products have obviously grown stable customer bases and continue to offer advanced features that enable up-to-date requirements management.

From the 78 tools overall, we feature 13 in a list of selected tools. The selection is based on indicators of market share and market presence. It shall also provide a starting point for developing a longlist for tool evaluation and selection.

The main update activities include:

  • All tools have been checked for availability and up-to-date web links to tool and vendor pages
  • Many tool entries have been changed (e.g., name changes, new product bundles), several obviously outdated ones have been deleted
  • All tools have been supplied with up-to-date version information (where available) and assigned to the relevant tool categories (e.g., RD, RM, Agile)
  • The list of selected tools has been reduced from 14 to 13 entries

The list of selected tools is kept small, because our objective is to provide focused support to organizations that want to collect a longlist for tool evaluation and selection. So, we have removed tools that apparently have not received significant maintenance over the past years, that have already well-established successor products, or that appear to have little relevance on the market overall.

This time, we haven’t added any new tools. The reason is that we didn’t come across convincing new market entrants that appear mature enough yet to represent viable alternatives to established players. However, we have spotted a few interesting newcomers and put them onto our watchlist for future updates of the tools list.

Renamed / Rebranded:

Again, several tools were renamed or rebranded. For instance, the company Jama software had just one requirement management product in the past. Now they have an additional data analytics product. Therefore, the previous “Jama” RM product was renamed to “Jama Connect”. All name changes are marked in the list by adding the former name in parentheses, for example: “Storyteller (was Blueprint)”.


We have again removed several tools for the following reasons: (a) the tool has been discontinued, (b) it has turned out that the tool does not show sufficient functionality for requirements definition or management, or (c) the tool’s product or vendor websites have not received any substantial updates for more than two years.

  • Accompa
  • Agile Manager
  • AgiloEnvision VIP
  • Focal Point
  • jUCMNav
  • Mingle
  • MooD Platform
  • ProR (Eclipse RMF/ProR)
  • ReMa
  • ReqPOOL Requirements Manager
  • RMTrak
  • Rommana ALM
  • TopTeam Analyst