The November 2016 version of our list of requirements tools is available. It contains a total of 101 requirements management tools. The previous version dated back from February 2016. Several vendors have since released new versions of their tools that we have referenced in the list.

From the 101 tools overall, we feature 25 in a list of selected tools. The selection is based on indicators of market share and market presence.

The extensions and updates to the November 2016 release of our RM tools list include:

  • All tools have been checked for availability and up-to-date web links to tool and vendor pages
  • Some tools have been added, some tool entries have been changed
    (e.g., product name changes, company acquisitions, new product bundles)
  • Several outdated ones have been deleted
  • All tools have been supplied with up-to-date version information (where available) and assigned to the relevant tool categories (e.g., RD, RM, Agile)

Overall, the following tools have received major updates between February 2016 to November 2016:

  • codeBeamer Requirements Management
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Innovator for Business Analysts
  • Mingle
  • objectiF RM

Important changes occurred with regard to tool vendors: Siemens completed the acquisition of Polarion. It is now a product of the Siemens corporation. In May Micro Focus completed the acquisition of Serena which added some requirements management and agile tools to the Micro Focus portfolio. In September HPE and Micro Focus announced their intention to spin-merge HPE Software.

Concerning the set of tools included in the list, we have performed the following changes during our November 2016 update:


  • Atlas from Micro Focus
  • from

Renamed / Rebranded:

  • in-STEP RED now objectiF RPM
  • ontime now axosoft
  • Agilian now Visual Paradigm


We have again removed several tools that have been discontinued, or whose product or vendor websites have not received any substantial updates for more than two years.

  • AgileZen – no longer available for purchase
  • Avenqo PEP – inactive
  • Axiom – inactive
  • ArcWay Cockpit – inactive
  • Enfocus Requirements Suite – no product information on website
  • GatherSpace – inactive
  • Objectiver – inactive
  • QFDcapture – inactive
  • TeamPulse – no longer available for purchase
  • X-Tie-RT – not available for purchase
  • YAKINDU Requirements – no product information on website