Recently we updated our annotated collection of requirements management tools. In this update we introduced a couple of new tools, which we got notice from. One of them is the product Aha!.

Aha! is a cloud based solution targeted at product managers. It has been created in 2013 and focuses on product planning aspects. The company Aha! positions the product as roadmapping software. Product managers can specify high level goals and visions for products.

Initiatives can be connected across releases of individual products. Manageable elements include features, requirements and tasks. Data can be visualized on boards or timelines. Roadmaps and planning information can be configured for specific targeted audiences and published as pdf documents or websites.


Given the early stage this product is in it is remarkable to see the wealth of features that are already present. It is definitely well targeted for product managers. However from a different perspective it fully qualifies as a requirements management tool as well. That’s the reason why I included Aha in my recent presentation about Tools for Product Management at Product Management Festival in Zurich Switzerland.

It will be interesting to see how Aha! will be integrated into the existing tooling environment of corporations.