In a few days from now, we will publish the next updated version of our list of requirements management (RM) tools. The current version dates from February 2014. In the meantime, many vendors have released new extended versions of their tools, or they have otherwise changed their product strategy or portfolio. We could also add a few more relevant tools to the list.

The main tool updates and events since February deserve some more information and explanation than just an updated version number in the list. For this purpose, we are starting a small series of blog posts that feature interesting and important news from the tool market since last February. We focus on our “selected” subset of tools that we find particularly relevant. The blog posts will appear in roughly chronological order following the dates of the reported tool updates and events.

This is the list of all blog posts of the series that has been completed in the meantime:

The September 2014 update of the RM tools list has been published on September 25.